Why donate to the KEDGE Foundation?

You would like to help our students and the School, but you still hesitate to donate to the KEDGE Foundation? Here are a few good reasons why you should participate in our fundraiser.


To allow for equal opportunities

By financing merit-based scholarships.

KEDGE Foundation for Responsible Management is committed to give students access to Higher Education based on merit whatever their resources, to pursue their education with peace of mind in France or abroad and to benefit from personalised support.

KEDGE has launched the Entrepreneurship School, a 3-year programme in order to develop entrepreneurial skills.

By supporting this programme, the Foundation offers students grants to help them pay for their scholarship and living expenses. This is as a complement to the aids they can receive from local authorities and Europe. This scheme is important and has to be maintained and developed in years to come.

Our goal is to be able to offer a full scholarship as well as personalised support (networking, coaching) to all students living under the poverty line.

I make a donation for equal opportunities

To support our students in need

By participating in the set-up of services for the well-being of our students.

Donating to the KEDGE Foundation is allowing students to have access to various support services validated by the Executive Committee and set-up by the school.

Students in our school are not spared psychological difficulties, concerns and age-related questioning. Thanks to the Wellness service, they can benefit from financial and psychological support.

Since its creation, the KEDGE Foundation has provided more than 160 social grants supporting KEDGE students. These grants vary from 1500 to 4500 euros depending on the household taxable income, the composition of the household, the employment situation and motivation. The later being of upmost importance. Hence the implementation of support services such as the Wellness centre whose mission is to improve the quality of life and health of students, to prevent risks and to encourage individual, academic, and professional development.

A team of volunteers and psychologists are available to support and advise students who experience difficulties or who simply have trouble adapting to their new life: academic and professional issues, financial problems, support to manage feelings of low mood, sadness or depression.

  • Psychologists are available on every campus and provide free consultations in complete confidentiality.
  • A social worker is on site to discuss financial issues.
  • Counsellors working as part of the school's staff, may also provide support for students in need. They are trained by professionals to listen and support students who experience difficulties.
I make a donation to help our students

To help young entrepreneurs to get started

By financing the development of our incubators.

KEDGE Foundation is committed to financing young entrepreneurs through the various programmes dedicated to entrepreneurship: The Business Creator, the Business Nursery through to the Business Accelerator.

Donating towards entrepreneurship is helping young people to get started in the creation of their start-up and in turn create employments.

Created in 2012, the KEDGE Entrepreneurship support programmes, also called French Tech, keeps on being developed. These 3 programmes can be found on our 4 campuses: Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulon. Within the newly renovated campus of Marseille, there is a dedicated space for entrepreneurship spread over 800m2 to promote inspiration.

With over 650 applicants per year, 500 supported projects since 2014 including Lita.com founded by Eva Sadoun, Geev founded by Hakim Baka, Zei founded by Noel Bauza, KEDGE Entrepreneurship is in the top 10 of the Forbes Business School ranking for 'Entrepreneurship Champion' and ranked 1st for entrepreneurship according to Le Parisien.

This range of programmes is also part of the Board of Directors of La Boussole, an association representing the community of incubators, accelerators and network of entrepreneurs.


I make a donation for the entrepreneurs

To support research

KEDGE Foundation for Responsible Management supports managerial research in order to offer its students an education that is always up-to-date and in line with the needs of businesses and their ecosystem. In order to achieve this, the Foundation finances research chairs in promising and innovative sectors.

  • Thanks to the 850K donated by the Foundation to fund research between 2011 and 2017, many chairs have been created:
  • The chair for responsible purchasing
  • Responsible management networking
  • The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Economic Forum
  • The chair for ‘Well-being at Work’
  • The chair for Business in a connected world
I make a donation for research


Tax deductions

 All donations to the KEDGE Foundation are tax-deductible as follow:

66% of the amount you donate, up to a maximum of 20% of your taxable income

75% on your real estate wealth tax (up to €50,000)

60% corporate tax reduction

As an example: if you donate 100 euros as an individual, it will cost you 34 euros. If you donate 1000 euros as a business, it will cost you 400 euros.

One more good reason to finance fair and successful projects!